HSNT will be closed on Monday, May 27th in honor of Memorial Day.

A Message from Doreen Rue and the HSNT Team

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Dear HSNT Patient and Stakeholder,


It is with great hope and expectation that I know we will come out of this stronger and more resilient than ever, ready to tackle the opportunities this world presents. For the moment, I ask that you do everything possible to distance yourself physically, not socially, your social connections are so very important and must be maintained with a physical distance. But I’m talking about physical distancing from those outside your immediate household.


Please choose to stay home when you are able, choose to be careful when you go to the grocery store. Provide ample space in between you and those around you. Wash your hands often. For example, if you are cooking in the kitchen and you pick something up off the floor, wash your hands. After you put a load of laundry in the washer, wash your hands. When you come in the house from work, change your clothes, wash your hands. I’m sure that by now you are getting the point. Wash your hands more than you think you need too.


If you are experiencing fever, cough or sore throat, please stay home and away from family members. HSNT will only be able to test those that are very ill and have pre-existing conditions due to a scarce supply of testing materials. If you feel like you are getting worse, please call our office and we will connect you with a nurse. Remember the most powerful weapon we have against COVID-19 is physical distancing, hand washing and staying home as often as possible.


Don’t forget to call your loved ones, check in on them as often as you can. Go for a walk, turn off the TV, listen to that favorite album from 20 years ago and try a new recipe.


HSNT loves our patients and community and we need each other now more than ever. We’ve got this!


Yours truly,
Doreen Rue, CEO and the HSNT Team
Health Services of North Texas