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A Fresh Perspective - HSNT Board Member Spotlight

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In the bustling world of healthcare, there are individuals who stand out not just for their credentials, but for their heartfelt dedication to making a meaningful impact. One such inspiring figure is Magdaline Ewoko, a dynamic and passionate board member of Health Services of North Texas (HSNT). Hailing from Cameroon in Central Africa, Magdaline brings a unique cultural perspective to her role, enriching the organization with her experiences and unwavering commitment to shaping the future of healthcare and community outreach.

Magdaline's journey as an HSNT board member began recently, but her impact has already been profound. She joined the board around six months ago, bringing a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience in caregiving. As a dedicated caregiver, she devotes her time to looking after those who need support, ensuring their comfort and well-being in their homes. "I work one-on-one, like I go to their houses, taking care of them. I make sure if the family is not there, I make them breakfast, lunch, dinner," Magdaline shares.

However, her journey towards becoming a board member was an unexpected twist. Magdaline's journey began with a simple survey she filled out when she first visited HSNT as a patient. Her genuine responses caught the attention of the HSNT team, leading to a chain of events that eventually saw her stepping into a role that she initially thought might be beyond her. Magdaline recounts the moment she was asked to join the board with a mix of surprise and enthusiasm. "I said, 'Me? Be a board member? How?' I'm not that educated. How can I be a board member?" However, her dedication to learning and her love for people were precisely what the HSNT team saw in her – qualities that made her a valuable addition to their efforts.

Magdaline's mission as a board member is clear and impassioned. Her primary focus is on reaching out to those who need it most – the homeless and vulnerable children. Drawing from her own experiences and comparisons with her home country, she emphasizes the importance of ensuring that no child goes without care and recognizing the signs of abuse. “And the children? Because some children, they are abused by the parents…So I talked again about the children because we need to see like, when they are coming [to HSNT], you can psychologically, you can see a child and know what he or she's going through. So, I think that's where we can put [more] effort,” Magdaline shared when discussing potential areas of growth and enriched training for HSNT staff and providers. 

Magdaline also envisions a future where HSNT takes on a larger, comprehensive approach by growing our mental health and behavioral health offerings to the homeless population. Her passion for creating change is evident as she speaks about how HSNT can play a pivotal role in rehabilitating lives and bringing hope to those who feel lost. She believes in the power of understanding each individual's unique story and crafting a support system tailored to their needs, whether it's assisting them in finding suitable jobs or offering them a path towards rebuilding their lives.

In a world where divisions can sometimes overshadow our shared humanity, Magdaline reminds us that compassion knows no boundaries. She believes in unity, in the idea that every individual deserves care and understanding, regardless of their background or circumstances.

As Magdaline's journey continues to unfold, her unwavering dedication and heartfelt commitment serve the marginalized populations in our community. Through her, HSNT's mission continues to take on a deeper meaning – one that resonates with all those who believe in the power of compassion to heal and uplift lives.