Six Tips On How To Choose A Family Practice Doctor

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When it comes to choosing a family doctor, it is important to make a decision you feel comfortable and confident in. Oftentimes, a patient’s primary doctor will provide ongoing care for their entire family, including their children, over the course of many years. The expert team of board-certified physicians at Health Services of North Texas understands how essential it is to have a doctor that fits the unique needs of you and your family and is committed to providing quality, convenient, personalized care for each and every patient. If you are in need of a primary doctor in the Plano, Wylie, or Denton area, use these helpful tips to select the best provider for you and your loved ones.

What is a family practice doctor?

Also referred to as a family care doctor or primary doctor, a family practice doctor is a physician who provides a wide array of essential and routine healthcare services to both adults and children. Additionally, your primary care physician can serve as a critical resource in times when you may need referrals to a specialist and/or more extensive treatments or procedures. The comprehensive care you can receive through your family doctor typically includes:

What should I look for in a family doctor?

Because your family doctor will likely be taking care of you and your family for many years to come, it is important to choose a provider based on who best meets your needs and who you feel comfortable with. Six important steps in selecting the best primary care doctor in Collin or Denton County for your family include:

1. Think about what you want

Everyone’s needs in terms of healthcare and medicine are unique, so it is important to select a family practice doctor that meets your own. Do you feel more comfortable with a male doctor or a female doctor? Is a more natural approach to medicine something you prefer? Are you searching for a doctor with additional expertise in a particular field of primary care? Think about the answers to these questions and others as you determine what matters most to you.

2. Do your research

Without a doubt, patient testimonials, reviews, provider bios, and other resources are some of the best tools for choosing a primary care doctor. Don’t hesitate to also ask questions about your potential provider’s education, training, experience, and approach to healthcare.

3. Ask friends and family

Once you start asking for suggestions for a family doctor, you may be surprised at how many glowing recommendations your friends and loved ones have to offer. Having advice from someone you know and trust is a great place to start when finding the right family doctor for you.

4. Consider convenience

While driving a bit further for a doctor you love is certainly worth it, there is also something to be said about convenience. Be sure that your potential doctor’s hours and location fit the needs of you and your family. If weekend availability is important to you, ask around for recommendations on great family doctors that offer Saturday appointments.

5. Find out more about the practice

Additional considerations for choosing a family doctor include specifics about the practice itself, such as:

  • What services they offer
  • What insurance plans they accept
  • What payment options they offer
  • What hospitals they may be affiliated with

6. Trust your instinct

No matter what, you should feel comfortable and confident about the family doctor who will provide ongoing care to you and your loved ones. Trust your gut when selecting a doctor to establish your family’s relationship with.

Get the top-notch care you and your family deserve with a qualified primary care physician in North Texas

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice anything when it comes to healthcare for you and your children. By taking the time to carefully select your family doctor, you can rest assured that you will always receive the personal care you deserve. To learn more about our team of caring board-certified family doctors in Plano, Denton, and Wylie, TX, call Health Services of North Texas to schedule your consultation today!