Making the Choice to Reach Out - An HSNT Patient Story

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Mona Habta knew something needed to change. She had been dealing with depression and anxiety ever since she was 14, but this was different – a panic episode she thought was a heart attack had landed her in the hospital. She was open to getting help but being uninsured and unemployed she wasn’t sure where to turn. The hospital where she received care provided Mona with some information on local doctors and community health centers, and that’s how she found out about Health Services of North Texas.

“My first appointment with HSNT was in January [of this year],” says Mona, “with Ann Ellison [Family Nurse Practitioner]. It was a hospital follow-up, just a kind of regular visit, and she referred me to Jean after that.”

Jean Gray, LCSW is one of HSNT’s social workers, and with her years of experience she’s been able to help Mona work through mental health challenges.

“I didn’t have too many expectations because it was my first time seeing a therapist, but Jean made me feel very comfortable and helped me understand what it was going to be like. I was kind of nervous, [but afterwards] I was very relieved and felt a lot more comfortable and confident with continuing after my first visit.”

Mona uses HSNT’s Sliding Fee Scale Discount (SFDS) to help pay for her visits. Earlier this year, the sliding fee was updated based on the income guidelines set by the Department of Health and Human Services and changed to a flat rate. Mona really appreciates how this lifts a worry off her mind and reassures her that she can get the care she needs.

“I’m married, and my wife [is employed], but it’s a flat rate that I pay so it works for me. I was actually paying more when I first started going there, but now the fee is a lot less [after the changes]!”

With behavioral health visits, Jean focuses on using evidence-based care models for developing strategies that empower her patients in growth, healing, and recovery – and this is the path that Mona is on with her visits with Jean.

“She’s definitely helped me through a lot of problems,” Mona says. “We’re slowly working our way up, but she’s helped me through some [issues] and made it easier for to take control of my life.”

Mona plans on continuing to see Jean going forward and is happy that she’s found someone she can talk to and who can inspire and empower her to pursue her best healthy.

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