Teresita Castruita - A Decade of Dedication and Growth at HSNT

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As we celebrate the remarkable 10-year anniversary of Teresita Castruita, one of our Business Office Managers, we are excited to reflect on her journey, growth, and invaluable contributions to Health Services of North Texas (HSNT). From her humble beginnings to her current leadership role, Teresita has played a pivotal part in shaping HSNT’s success.

Teresita's professional journey began with her education at North Central Texas College, where she studied office management. While she knew she always wanted to be in the medical field, finding her path wasn’t an easy one. It wasn’t until Teresita found her way into home health before serendipitously discovering HSNT in 2013.

Reflecting on her initial attraction to HSNT, Teresita shares, "I had the opportunity to do a much more [at HSNT]. The agency where I was at couldn't offer further growth, so I Googled doctor's offices in Denton, and HSNT appeared. I reviewed the website, they were hiring, and I applied."

What has kept Teresita committed to HSNT for the past decade? It's the mission of helping the community and the satisfaction of making a difference. "Every day is different. I enjoy talking to patients, helping different people, and having the opportunity to see our patient’s health outcomes," she says.

Throughout her tenure, Teresita's role has evolved significantly, from a Medical Center Receptionist to a Patient Access Navigator to her current role as a Business Office Manager. Her resilience and dedication led to the successful establishment of a new site, highlighting her commitment to growth and development within the organization. It is obvious how much care and love she brings to HSNT.

Teresita finds joy in the diverse challenges her role presents. "Every day, I learn something. I enjoy working with providers, mid-office, BOM team, Leadership team and especially face-to-face with patients. Being a part of helping the community is the most fulfilling aspect of my job," she emphasizes.

When asked about her biggest hope for HSNT's future, Teresita envisions an expansion of services, particularly in dental care for adults. Her desire is rooted in addressing the community's needs more comprehensively, showcasing her dedication to the well-being of HSNT's patients. Teresita's journey embodies the spirit of HSNT – a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. Her empathy, coaching approach, and dedication to continuous improvement have made her an indispensable asset to the HSNT family.

Her passion for helping people extends beyond the professional realm, as Teresita is a devoted wife and mother of three. As we celebrate Teresita Castruita's remarkable decade with HSNT, we applaud her unwavering commitment, her achievements, and eagerly anticipate the positive impact she will continue to make in the years to come. Congratulations, Teresita, on this milestone achievement!