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Making A Difference: Denton County Friends of the Family

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HSNT is recognizing organizations that are making a difference in Denton County.


Nicole Owens, who is a community educator of Denton County Friends of The Family, portrayed how she is making a difference through DCFOF. Their mission is to provide compassionate, comprehensive services to those impacted by rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, while partnering with our community to promote safety, healing, and prevention.


How does your role contribute to the mission of DCFOF?

“I contribute to our prevention and awareness program by teaching various community members about domestic violence. I do my best to reach out to a wide range or age groups in the Denton community. I talk to elementary students about respecting other people’s boundaries in the hopes of them following that act as they grow older. I also talk to adults about how domestic violence makes them feel by using the I feel statement method. This consists of adults stating a descriptive word after the phrase “I feel”.”


What is the most rewarding aspect about being the community educator of DCFOF?

“Being able to help people realize what has happened to them and accepting that it is an issue. I also love knowing that I am helping reduce the amount of domestic violence occurrences in Denton County.”


What gives you motivation to execute your day to day duties?

“It’s fun for me! I love being able to teach and talk to people about domestic violence.”


In regards to DCFOF, what is something you wish more people knew about this organization?

“We want people to know that we are here to assist people in Denton County. Some people still do not know that we are here even though we have been servicing Denton County for 37 years. We also want people to know that we do not discriminate anyone that is in need of our services. We welcome not only women but men and teenagers as well.”


Is there a Denton community stakeholder group you wish you had more contact with? If so who?

“We would like to reach out to more local businesses because we want to conduct sexual harassment and domestic violence training seminars for them. We do not only want employees to be aware of sexual harassment and domestic violence, we also want their clients to be aware of it as well.”


To reach out to DCFOF for more information please call either of these numbers for assistance.


24 Hour Crisis Line
940-382-7273 or 800-572-4031


Denton Outreach Office
4845 S I-35 E, Suite 200
Corinth, TX 76210
Phone: 940-387-5131
Fax: 940-383-1816