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How Does Seeing A Pediatrician Regularly Impact A Child’s Health?

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Finding out that you’re going to have a baby is, undoubtedly, one of the most exciting – and terrifying – experiences in life. There are countless things to begin thinking and worrying about, including how to set up your nursery, whether or not you are going to breastfeed, and what you will name your baby. In addition to these, one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent-to-be is where to take your child for pediatric care. Use this helpful information from the exceptional providers at Health Services of North Texas to learn more about the profound impact that regular pediatrician visits can have on your child, and find out how to select the best pediatrician in Denton, Plano, or Wylie, TX.

When to start looking for a pediatrician in North Texas

When you first learn of your pregnancy, there are far more exciting things to think about than your baby’s first doctor’s appointment. However, understanding how to choose a pediatrician for your unborn child can make an immeasurable difference in his or her life. Ideally, new parents should start interviewing potential pediatricians during the pregnancy and have a provider selected before the birth. This will ensure that the pediatrician is able to visit the baby in the hospital and conduct all of the critical newborn visits. In many cases, the mother’s OB/GYN can provide a list of preferred pediatricians that also have privileges at the delivering hospital. It is also helpful to ask local friends who their children’s doctor or pediatrician is. Be sure to read patient testimonials on the pediatrician’s website and ask questions about the doctor’s experience and training during your decision-making process.

What is the role of a pediatrician?

With pediatricians serving as the primary care doctor for children through the majority of their childhood and adolescence, these doctors play a major role in ensuring the patient’s health and development. Some of the most compelling functions of pediatricians include:

  • Performing yearly wellness checks
  • Administering vaccinations
  • Tracking height, weight, and overall growth
  • Monitoring cognitive development
  • Checking vision and hearing
  • Treating routine illnesses, such as ear infections
  • Educating parents
  • Evaluating developmental milestones

When children are under the care of a qualified, experienced, and caring pediatrician, they are able to develop and thrive properly. Furthermore, conditions that may go unnoticed, even by attentive parents, are often recognized and treated much earlier with a pediatrician’s expertise.

Additionally, newborn care is one of the most valuable benefits of bringing your child to a pediatrician. Particularly for first-time parents, understanding the cues of an infant can be overwhelming and confusing, to say the least. The knowledgeable pediatricians at Health Services of North Texas are well-versed in the complexities and nuances of newborn babies, including issues regarding:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Excessive crying
  • Weight loss
  • Irritability
  • Colic
  • Reflux
  • Spitting up
  • Breathing issues
  • Behavioral problems

How long does a child see a pediatrician?

Establishing a long-term relationship with patients is one of the most compelling components of pediatric care. This enables the doctor to follow the child throughout their development, which often includes their adolescence, and more accurately identify signs or symptoms that may lead to a problem. In many cases, young women may transition from a pediatrician into the care of a gynecologist as they go through puberty or become sexually active, while young men may stay under the care of their pediatrician until age 18 – 21.

Keep your child safe, healthy, and happy with a pediatrician in North Texas

Whether you are a new parent, mother-to-be, or have a child of any age, finding a qualified, certified, and caring pediatrician in North Texas will play a critical role in your child’s development over the next many years. Call the caring team at Health Services of North Texas to schedule your consultation or pediatric appointment at one of our seven convenient locations, including Wylie, Plano, and Denton, and take the first step in establishing long-term pediatric care for your little one today!