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Staff Spotlight: Beverly Johnson, Certified Physician Assistant

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Women’s health is one of the most private parts of a woman’s life. Whether it’s about pregnancy or gynecology, women’s health is comprised of sensitive issues, and when a woman walks into their provider’s office, they want to feel like they’re in a safe place where they can express their concerns. That’s the environment that HSNT’s Beverly Johnson, wants to create for her patients.

Beverly is a first-generation American whose parents who came to America from the Philippines 50 years ago. Her mother and father encouraged her to do her best, as they had worked diligently in their own education and careers in healthcare and engineering to provide and raise children that were strong and self-sufficient.

“After college as a biology and premed major, I had the opportunity to shadow a friend who had been a physician assistant who worked in a primary care setting. I discovered that physician assistants can provide nearly all the clinical services a medical doctor can do which included perform exams, order and interpret labs, counsel patients…being a PA was the perfect career for me!”

Beverly moved to Texas over four years ago from her hometown, Chicago, after a job promotion for her husband included moving their family. Having gained experience in Chicago with two very different types of practices – one in public aid and one private practice – Beverly was happy to join the team at HSNT where she could once again provide quality access and care to essential women’s health services.

“I actually interviewed with Dr. Siegel a couple years ago, right before I joined a different practice in Frisco that was closer to my home. They were going to start [the Denton South Center office] here at Medical City Denton. So, when [the Frisco practice] closed, it was a perfect coincidence. Dr. Siegel and I remembered each other!”

Beverly truly enjoys seeing a wide variety of women throughout her day, and for her it’s all about making connections and being a trustworthy guide for the patients that walk through the door. Oftentimes, the patients she sees are nervous or don’t know who to turn to or what questions to ask – but Beverly is a provider who can be a solid rock for her patients to lean on.

“The patients come to you asking you for help, and it can be hard to make that connection at first,” Beverly says. “But HSNT embraces diversity and compassion, and this bond empowers our patients to be proactive about their gynecological health. I really enjoy being able to really educate patients and give them a voice.”