Champion of Health Equity - HSNT Board Member Spotlight

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In the realm of healthcare and community well-being, individuals with a steadfast commitment and diverse experience play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of Health Services of North Texas (HSNT). Sadaf Haq, a recent addition to the HSNT board, brings not only her passion for health equity but also a wealth of knowledge through her experiences in public health and community service. Having served on various boards, including Texas Health Resources, Sadaf understands the importance behind program development, research, and community engagement.

Sadaf's journey began far from Texas, in the vibrant streets of New York. With a master's degree in public health from the University of Albany, her career began working at the State Department of New York State. Presently, Sadaf has found her home in the Plano-Frisco area, deeply embedded in the fabric of her community.  Her passion for health equity sparked the establishment of her own nonprofit, Be In Health Foundation, aimed at providing health access among students. This endeavor was propelled by her observations during the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic, where health disparities became glaringly apparent.

In conversation, Sadaf emphasized the significance of health equity as one of her guiding principles. "I feel like everyone deserves to have a fair chance at trying to be healthy," she shares. Her commitment to bridging gaps in access to health services underscores the importance of HSNT's mission, resonating with the organization's core values.

Being a consumer of HSNT's services herself, Sadaf speaks candidly about the thoroughness and attentiveness she experiences during her visits. She applauds HSNT's forward-thinking approach, which she finds essential for achieving comprehensive population health. She also noted the significance of patient education and empowerment. “The health providers [at HSNT] are so thorough. I mean, from the moment you check in to the moment you check out, you've increased your knowledge base. What just happened? What did I just go through? And then even when the results come back, it's like OK, if something's off, this is what you need to do. It's very important to have that knowledge base,” she shared.

As Sadaf dives deeper into her journey, it's evident that her goals for HSNT are rooted in her belief in a holistic, accessible, and equitable healthcare system. She envisions HSNT as an instrument of positive change, driving towards achieving total population health in North Texas. Her insights, combined with HSNT's tireless dedication, promise a brighter future for the communities they serve. In Sadaf's words, "I think we'll hit that goal soon of achieving or getting close to achieving total population health. One day, we'll get there."

Her optimism, dedication, and heartfelt commitment are lighting the path for HSNT's continued impact on health equity and community well-being.