A Heart for Healthcare - HSNT Board Member Spotlight

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For Dr. Kimberly Middleton, being a doctor was something she had her heart set on for as long as she could remember. Spending days and nights visiting her nephew as he battled sickle cell anemia made her want to do something that could help her nephew and other people like him who were struggling with their health.

“Since childhood, I have always felt extremely comfortable being in a hospital setting and have always been fascinated with the human anatomy,” Dr. Middleton says. “It was heart-breaking watching [my nephew] endure the pain associated with his illness, and this prompted me to want to become a physician, in hopes to find a cure for sickle cell disease.”

Dr. Middleton attended medical school in her home-state of Illinois, where she met her husband and started a family that now includes four children. She has 15 years working for non-profit health clinics and has also served as an executive team member for organizations such as Color of Medicine, Jack and Jill of America, Inc, and Diversity in Diabetes. 

“[We came to Texas because] we were very tired of the cold winters in Illinois and felt that better weather would improve our quality of life,” Dr. Middleton says. “Boy, were we right!”

As she did research to try and get more involved in the North Texas community, Dr. Middleton came across Health Services of North Texas. She realized that HSNT’s mission to improve the health of the communities aligned perfectly with her personal mission to support health and wellness, and she was particularly attracted to how HSNT helps those who have the greatest need. After meeting HSNT’s CEO, Doreen Rue, she was convinced that HSNT was a good fit.

“I believe my 21 years of expertise as a Primary Care Physician, and my volunteer and leadership experiences have all taught me to become a trusted listener and advocate for the medical community,” Dr. Middleton says. “I hope to build trusting relationships that will allow the Board of Directors, the medical team, and community at large to grow successfully. It is my goal to work towards improving health access, equity, and overall health outcomes, both here and across the globe. I feel that everyone should have the opportunity to obtain preventative health care and medical treatment, so they can live their healthiest and most fulfilling life.”