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Susan Carrington, PNP

Meet Susan

With 15 years of experience as nurse practitioner, 28 years total as pediatric registered nurse and pediatric acute care nurse practitioner, Susan Carrington, APRN, CPNAP-AC joins our Wylie Children’s Medical Clinic eager to serve the Wylie community.

Carrington was inspired to get into healthcare by women she babysat for who were RNs. They were influential and great mentors. Carrington said, “I was a mom of two, so once my boys got in grade school, I got my associate degree and once my boys were teenagers, I got my bachelor’s and master’s.” Carrington said she knew as a new graduate she always loved pediatrics. Carrington stated cheerfully, “My entire career has been in pediatrics.”

Carrington shared how her work is important to her because of the rapport she builds with every child. She said, “I hope they trust me and feel confident in the care given. When the trust factor is built, you gain the ability to educate and impact.”

She further went on to say, “Helping children who have no other avenue for care is a passion of mine. Low-income families often have limited choices and the quality of care they receive versus a child with commercial insurance is not always the best. They deserve the same quality of healthcare and providers advocating for their needs. My goal is to do my part in narrowing the gap of disparity.“

Carrington specifically sought out an organization like Health Services of North Texas and even read the reviews before starting and said they were all stellar. Carrington said, “Organizations like HSNT are vital to our community. There is a great need for healthcare for the underserved and lower-income communities. I’m happy to be a part of an organization that works toward this mission every day. Since being a part of HSNT, I always feel supported and there’s a great level of openness.”

When asked what’s one thing her patients thank her for, Carrington said, “I am always thanked for giving my patients personal attention and intentionally connecting with them. Questions like, ‘How was school today?’ or ‘Are you excited about Spring Break?’ are ways I try to understand my patients with language they understand.”

When asked what keeps Carrington motivated to practice, she said, “The way I practice brings me satisfaction. It reinforces the good things you want to feel about yourself and more importantly the care you provide your patients every day. I want to be an effective provider to my patients because I see them as worthy of it. I am fueled by my desire to provide equal healthcare for children who need it the most, that may not be afforded the opportunity to receive care without an organization like Health Services of North Texas.”