HSNT has COVID Vaccines available for current Established Patients. If you are a current HSNT patient that has seen your provider in the past 18 months, please click the button below to schedule. If you are not an HSNT patient, please scroll down and use one of the links below to request your COVID Vaccine.

Established Patients Only:
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Family at Home During COVID-19

HSNT’s Response to COVID-19


For our staff and patient safety, you will notice a few changes in all of our health centers. Your patience and flexibility is greatly appreciated, and will make all the difference during this time.

For routine visits, HSNT is going to great lengths to make sure you can come in safely without unnecessary exposure to people experiencing symptoms. We will have one provider designated for sick visits in a confined area of one of our health centers to control and limit exposure.


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Please keep your appointments! We are here for you and working to keep you safe and healthy!


HSNT has implemented telehealth across all service lines for visits where telehealth is appropriate. We are relying heavily on telehealth for our HIV care, counseling services, chronic health condition follow-up appointments, pediatric behavioral health appointments and visits with our Physician Assistant that manages psychiatric care. Please reach out to learn more and schedule you telehealth appointment.


Important logistical information for your visit:

  • Denton Pediatrics: If you usually take your children to 4308 Mesa Drive to see Dr. Jackson, Sonja Estep, or Joseph Hallock, please note those visits have all been moved next door to 4304 Mesa Drive
  • We have consolidated sick visits with fever and upper respiratory symptoms to one location: 4308 Mesa Drive
  • Only patients receiving care and a required caregiver will be allowed in the health center. Please leave other children and family members at home. If someone is driving you to your appointment, please have them wait in the car.
  • Your provider of choice might not be available, so please be flexible. We appreciate it!
  • Pay careful attention to the location of your appointment as we have relocated some of our Denton providers.
  • Patients are required to wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you.


Staying in Touch and preparing for Tele-Visits

Please download the Healow App on your smartphone and make sure that you can access HSNT’s patient portal.

In preparation for the increased number of patients coming in, HSNT is asking all patients to download the Healow App and register for the Patient Portal. HSNT is working diligently to prepare for tele-visits and remote check-ins over the next two to three weeks, reducing waiting room time and ensuring you receive the care you need. Tele-visits can be done through the Healow smartphone app or through the Patient Portal on a computer. On the Healow app, find HSNT in the app using this unique code: DIBIAD.

If you are having trouble logging in, click the “Trouble Logging In” option below the space where you enter your username and password.

To access HSNT’s patient portal click here.


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