Arlene Hudson, M.D. in Denton, TX

Meet Dr. Hudson

Family medicine physician and HIV specialist Dr. Arlene Hudson offers her compassionate care to patients at our Denton Medical Center 4304 office. Her work at Health Services of North Texas concentrates in the area of infectious disease, specifically HIV care. The 25 years of experience as an HIV specialist in Amarillo, TX, gave Dr. Hudson a deep knowledge and understanding of the disease and compassion for patients living with HIV. She wants you to know that she "expects my patients to live long, healthy lives. There is now hope for seeing this disease (HIV) to come to an end. It is very clear that treating patients can eliminate the risk of transmission to others." 


"Great people"

C. W

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"Excellent doctor"

C. R

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"I absolutely love my caseworkers my doctors and the staff are wonderful"

B. K

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"Thank you Dr. Hudson"


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