Information About General Medical Practice Services

When you choose Health Services of North Texas for your family's healthcare needs, you will find compassionate, caring team of providers that strive to help you and your family get to their very best healthy. We know that you have a choice and we hope that HSNT will be at the top of your list. 

HSNT offers a comprehensive list of services to meet the needs of your entire family from newborn to seniors. HSNT offers prenatal care, pediatrics, family practice, infectious disease, chronic disease care, behavioral health, women's health and even a prescription assistance program for our patients that are uninsured or underinsured. It is important to not delay care for financial reasons. HSNT offers a sliding fee scale based on your income and we do our best to get you connected resources for your health and wellness needs. 

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Schedule an annual physical at Health Services of North Texas. We can provide an exam, on-site testing, and excellent preventive care recommendations.

Diabetic care management is available for newly diagnosed and high-risk patients for education, medical support, prescription assistance, and more.

Adults need immunizations, too. This is why we offer family immunizations for every age as recommended by the Center for Disease Control.

Cholesterol is needed to construct healthy cells within the blood, but too much bad cholesterol (called high cholesterol) could cause heart disease.

Hypertension, also known as chronic high blood pressure (HBP), can cause a wide range of damaging health issues, including kidney and heart disease.

Because having convenient testing is important for a diagnosis and proper medical care when you need it most, we have an in-house lab for testing.

Our office's own patient prescription assistance program (PAP) allows our physicians to help individuals acquire the medicine they need at a low cost.

We offer confidential testing for sexually transmitted infections (STI) and sexually transmitted diseases (STD) from urine, blood, and swab cultures.

Schedule your well-woman exam at our Denton South Center in Medical City Denton for high-quality women's health assessments and treatments.

We can be your resource for prenatal care during your pregnancy with routine prenatal checks at Health Services of North Texas at Denton South.

Our family planning services may include fertility tests, pelvic examination, blood tests, ovulation tracking, reproductive organ imaging, and more.

As a part of our accessible, confidential women's healthcare services, HSNT offers free and reduced-cost contraceptives for patients who qualify.

We have in-house testing and options for managing your symptoms of menopause with our women's healthcare providers at Health Services of North Texas.

Produced during an ultrasound, a sonogram is a detailed image created with sound waves that can help confirm pregnancy or gynecologic health issues.

If you are living your life with depression and anxiety, please reach out to our HSNT behavioral health team for confidential, therapeutic services.

Chronic hepatitis C is an infectious disease that can damage the liver and compromise a person's health. We have hepatitis C case management at HSNT.


At HSNT, you will find a compassionate staff who will make sure you receive confidential HIV care with a personal treatment plan based on your needs.