Samantha Eubanks

Meet Samantha

Samantha Eubanks, a certified nurse midwife with an extensive background in women's health spanning over 25 years.

Samantha's career began as a Women's Health nurse, gradually climbing the ranks from staff nurse to charge nurse, educator, manager, and administrator. However, her heart had always been set on becoming a midwife since she was 15. It took her some time to pursue this dream due to societal perceptions, but her passion prevailed.

"What I love about midwifery is just being with women in these really important times in their lives," Samantha explains. "Midwifery literally means with woman."

Her decision to become a midwife was fueled by the desire to support women through significant life events – from pregnancy and childbirth to nursing and contraception. Samantha emphasizes that while catching the baby is a fulfilling aspect of the job, the real reward lies in building lasting relationships with patients, getting to know their families, and being present for them through various life stages.

Samantha's career took her to various places, including St. Louis, Austin, and Kerrville, before she decided to come back to Denton. Her return was motivated by the mission of Health Services of North Texas (HSNT), a place she believed in. Notably, Samantha had previously worked for HSNT 25 years ago when it was known as AIDS Services of North Texas. Samantha joined HSNT to help fill a gap in healthcare for our community, emphasizing that all women deserve a midwife.

Having completed her educational journey with a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Tyler, a master's in midwifery from Texas Tech, and a doctorate in nursing practice from UT Austin, Samantha brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role.

When asked about her philosophy of care, Samantha emphasizes openness, holding space for patients, and being a supportive companion. She believes in tailoring care to meet the unique needs and desires of each woman, fostering a trusting and collaborative relationship.

Samantha’s ultimate why for joining HSNT is simple but sincere – service to women. She believes that all women deserve a midwife and commends her colleagues for the exceptional service they provide daily.

Samantha Eubanks, with her openness, warmth, and dedication, is not just a midwife; she is a compassionate partner in any woman's healthcare journey. From being a young dreamer to an experienced midwife, she exemplifies the profound impact one can make on countless lives when following their passion.

She currently lives in Denton with her partner Leonard and their two dogs, Mavis and Cleo. Being an only child, Samantha cherishes time spent with her mother and extended family in the community.

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