Dr. Crystal McLeod - Pediatrician in Denton, TX

Meet Dr. McLeod

Health Services of North Texas welcomes experienced Pediatrician to our Denton Pediatric Program to meet growing community need. Dr. Crystal McLeod, Pediatrician, brings 11 plus years of direct pediatric care experience and tremendous clinical leadership to HSNT. Her experience providing care and supervision in a pediatric health center has equipped her well to serve HSNT’s pediatric patients and their families.

Dr. McLeod started out wanting to pursue a career in OB, but the opportunity to mold a child’s life at an early age with lots of positivity, encouragement and family education on nutrition drew her to a career in Pediatrics. “Through my role as a child’s pediatrician, I have a tremendous opportunity to influence and foster this new generation.”

Connecting with the family through listening and understanding concerns with a focus on helping children thrive, not just in their physical health, but mental wellbeing is a priority for each of Dr. McLeod’s patient visits. “It’s my job to listen, to get beneath the surface layer to truly understand.”

For Dr. McLeod each visit is a building block to strengthen patient and provider relationships, develop healthy habits and long-term care goals. Dr. McLeod had this to say about patient/family education, “Learning to like and find ways to eat more vegetables, increase physical activity and develop quality sleep habits all set the tone for a child’s day. We will work together to identify small steps to accomplish these very important health indicators so that children and families are thriving, getting to their very best healthy lifestyle.”

“Mental health in children is incredibly important to monitor. I have experience in caring for and educating families on ADHD, anxiety, and depression. There is hope we can work together to help children thrive while learning to cope with and overcome symptoms.”

Spanish speaking? You bet! Dr. McLeod learned Spanish because she wants nothing more than to be able to connect with families in a language that they are most comfortable with and she understands that the North Texas area is home to many Spanish speaking families in need of quality pediatric care.

Dr. McLeod and her husband have a 3 year old son and enjoy spending quality time together playing outdoors, cooking and traveling.

Dr. Crystal McLeod chose HSNT as the next step in her career because of her drive to serve the entire family holistically. When parents are healthy and well, they can better care for their children. Health Services of North Texas provides access to important medical and behavioral health services including prescription assistance and much need support services for the entire family.

Dr McLeod Mom approved


"I am so happy that my daughter is under Dr. McLeod's care. She is a wonderful and caring doctor and my daughter loves her a lot."



"Dr. Crystal treated me very well. I recommend her."



"Dr. Mcleod is a caring and knowledgeable pediatrician. Can't say enough good things!!!!"



"LOOP288 is the best, they keep restrooms clean and organized waiting area. the front desk girl Christine is amazing and helped me schedule an appointment which was convenient for me and my daughter saw Dr McLeod and honestly she is incredible at her job and cares about my child. Thank you for being amazing and affordable. Will be recommending to my family and friends. We need more locations 🙂"



"Hands down the best clinic I have came across, Thank You Dr McLeod and Diana Sebastian for everything you do for my children"



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