Kerry Gamble, NP in Denton, TX

Meet Kerry

Controlling diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension are all keys to feeling healthy and well. Our nurse practitioner at the Serve Denton Center, Kerry Gamble, is passionate about helping patients achieve their health goals in these areas. She believes that "when these conditions are under control, you will feel so much better. Sometimes, we forget what healthy feels like."

Kerry is a prevention-focused practitioner. She wants to encourage people not to ignore the voice in their heads that is nagging them to get a checkup. Kerry advises, "If you’re worried about something, schedule an appointment to meet with a provider. We’ll work together to get you the help you need."


"Kerry was more than outstanding and treated me more than just a patient she had sympathy and kindness in her eyes when I explained what was going on. I would recommend not just Kerry to anyone but HSNT as well. All of the staff were very helpful and very kind! I appreciate everything they did for me and everyone else!"



"My wife and I came here to get a check-up. We've been very hesitant to do this for a long time, because we don't have insurance and were pretty concerned about the cost of medicine in America. We visited and the appointment was easy to make and front desk was very friendly. Most of the staff is bilingual, as much as I can tell. Because they offer different payment options on a sliding scale based on income, the visit was VERY affordable!! Meeting with Kerry Gamble was a very very positive experience. She is personable, intelligent and made us feel like she genuinely cared about our health and the spread of medical information in general. Highly recommended!!"



"Me encantó la forma en que me trató la Kerry Gamble, NP, creo es la primera vez que veo que alguien se preocupa por atenderme lo mejor que puede y toma suficiente tiempo para atenderme y la recomendaría 100% gracias Kerry Gamble!!!!"

M. C

Office Visit

"Kerry Gamble, NP, is really great and helpful."

L. M

Office Visit

"Kerry Gamble and the staff always do a great job. Thank You!"



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