Kerry Gamble, NP in Denton, TX

Meet Kerry

Controlling diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension are all keys to feeling healthy and well. Our nurse practitioner at the Serve Denton Center, Kerry Gamble, is passionate about helping patients achieve their health goals in these areas. She believes that "when these conditions are under control, you will feel so much better. Sometimes, we forget what healthy feels like."

Kerry is a prevention-focused practitioner. She wants to encourage people not to ignore the voice in their heads that is nagging them to get a checkup. Kerry advises, "If you’re worried about something, schedule an appointment to meet with a provider. We’ll work together to get you the help you need."


"Health Services of North Texas, and Kerry Gamble, are wonderful!"



"Great experience! Great care! Friendly! And Professional! Gamble. NP excellent!"



"Kerry Gamble is friendly, helpful and very sweet am glad she’s the one my daughter gets to see at her visit. She really helps with her medical needs one I can say truly cares about her work and patients.😍"



"I was treated kindly and professionally for my first appointment after moving here. Was put at ease by Kerry and made to feel comfortable talking about my medical history and was treated respectfully on what kind of options were out there and services that can be provided. Staff were 10/10. I think I have found my new medical provider for the foreseeable future."



"The staff members at this office are incredibly kind and qualified people. I've seen Kerry Gamble twice now and each time she takes the time to thoroughly listen to me, provides helpful care options, and writes them down for me so I don't have to remember. I'm so grateful for both her and the nurses there!"



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