Denton, TX | When should I call my doctor? | Health Services of North Texas

Dr Siegel shares his advice on when it's time to see the doctor.


Dr. Siegel: Hello, HSNT patients. I'm Dr. Siegel. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about cold and flu season. You might be hearing a lot about all the viruses that are going around and having a lot of questions about whether you should come to the doctor and be seen. I wanted to give you a couple of tips as to when to come see the doctor. Coughs and colds are really common this time of year in kids and adults and deciding whether you have the flu or something that you need to be seen for can be difficult. So far this year, we haven't seen a lot of influenza, the actual flu virus, but we are seeing a lot of upper respiratory infections, coughs, congestion and colds. And when to come to the doctor can be kind of hard to decide.

Dr. Siegel: What I would recommend you do, if you're having a fever, any chest pain or difficulty breathing, these are all things to come be seen for, whether you're a kid or an adult. Most of the common colds don't cause high fevers, chest pain or severe shortness of breath. If you're having any of those symptoms, I would call your provider, call the office and be seen.