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Every mother's journey is unique, and at Health Services of North Texas (HSNT), we aim to provide you with the guidance you need to help build a strong bond between yourself and your baby, whatever your post-birth plan is. If you plan on breastfeeding, our team can give you the resources and assistance you need to make the process memorable, natural, and worthwhile. The skin-to-skin contact that makes up a huge part of breastfeeding can be crucial for the development of your baby's sense of security, safety, and affection. It also provides many natural benefits, such as improving an infant's immune system and lowering the risk of some common conditions (like ear infections, lower respiratory infections, vomiting, and more). Choosing to breastfeed your child can help with the effects of post-partum depression, as well.

Our knowledgeable team of women's health providers understand that breastfeeding is not a seamless process for everyone, which is why we offer breastfeeding assistance at our Denton South Center in Denton, TX. Schedule an appointment to learn more about breastfeeding assistance and to find out if you qualify for reduced-cost care.

Reasons for needing breastfeeding support

Each mother's experience with breastfeeding is different, and its ease can vary dramatically between individuals. Some issues that mothers requiring breastfeeding assistance may experience include:

  • Having trouble with the baby latching on to the breast
  • Not knowing the correct positioning
  • Concerns about milk supply
  • How to relieve sore nipples and breasts
  • Post-partum challenges

At HSNT, we strive to make your and your baby's breastfeeding experience as seamless and wonderful as possible with our wide range of accessible resources and a team of professionals. Don't hesitate to contact our office if you want guidance or need support with this natural, worthwhile experience.

Breastfeeding Assistance: Continued Support For Your Family

At HSNT, we're happy to offer affordable breastfeeding assistance options for women. Every mother and child deserves to have access to high-quality healthcare. If you are a new or expecting parent and want to learn more about breastfeeding and breastfeeding support, reach out to our Denton South Center office of HSNT in Denton, TX and speak to a member of our women's healthcare team.

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