Denton, TX | Sandi's Story | Health Services of North Texas

Sandi was referred to Health Services of North Texas by one of her clients after suffering a heart attack. HSNT was able to give her the care that she needed including EKG’s and provided her with the necessary medications. Sandi continues to see the doctor every 3 to 4 months. The care that she receives has improved her quality of life.


Sandi Sanders: My name is Sandi Sanders. I started using Health Services of North Texas about a year ago. I had had one mini heart attack, and then another small heart attack afterwards. They made it so that I was able to get the care that I needed at the time. They did all of the work of the weight, the blood pressure, and all of that when I saw the doctor. She asked what happened.

Sandi Sanders: They did en EKG on me. Figured out that there was a heart issue. Blood pressure was off the charts. Their first priority was to get my blood pressure down. Which, they went through a list of things that I needed to do, at home for myself, to get that down. Then they prescribed medications to help that as well. When I was still having issues, they still worked me back in the following week, to give me another medication that I needed.

Sandi Sanders: Ongoing care with them is very important. They want to stay regular with, they want to see everything that's going on with you. They schedule appointments for a condition like this every three to four months. Any time that I've needed a refill, that I ran out of refills before my next appointment, they've taken care of. They call in all the prescriptions. They make sure, if you need medications, that it's the most affordable possible. They even gave me a prescription card.

Sandi Sanders: When you go in, they ask how you're doing. They want to know if you need any adjustments. In fact, they took me off of one of my blood pressure medicines just this past week. Because my condition was improving. Between what they told me to do at home, and the medications.

Sandi Sanders: The care that I'm getting has improved my job. I am 46 years old. I've been a Denton County resident 30 years. I've worked at the same job for 20. I care for animals. I have to be completely alert to care for live animals. I'm married. I have three children, two of which work with me. I'm able to be more effective, able to manage the business better, because I'm not having the issues that I was having. I was worn out, because my heart was beating all the time.

Sandi Sanders:
They were able to adjust my heart rate, and they were able to tell me that the things that I was doing wasn't healthy for me. That I would have more energy, and would be able to be more productive. With my everyday life, with everything. Not just my job. At home. With my dogs. I love to go hiking and fishing and camping, and all these things, where I was too tired to do it before.

Sandi Sanders:
I haven't had any more issues in a year. I'm still seeing them regularly, every three to four months. They adjust my care as needed. They're on top of it. I would tell the staff of Health Services of North Texas, thank-you for your kindness and your compassion, and to keep up the good work. Because a lot of folks that go in there are scared to death. They don't know what's going to be told to them. They don't know what their problem is. They don't know how they're going to afford their healthcare. They go in there, and they're treated with kindness and respect.

Sandi Sanders: I recommend Health Services of North Texas to everyone.