Denton, TX | Patient Kiosk Demo | Health Services of North Texas

A full breakdown on how to use the new Patient Kiosk.


Terri: Hey guys, this is Terri here. We are excited to announce the new HSNT patient kiosk. We have Jeremy here to demonstrate for us. All right, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Okay. I'm going to be scanning the drivers license. They just need to press scan license, and it's under the dot here. So, you go initiate scan, and they're going to get in focused, and it took that. Then they're going to turn on the backside, initiate scan, and it took that. Then it just is doing sign the consent form and continue. Oh, after they sign. Excuse me. They are signing again, and again, and again. Verifying their demographics.

Jeremy: Yeah, stuck in verifying your demographics. They can add insurance here or can do self-pay. She doesn't have an appointment today, but it would show if she had an appointment and then it would continue and check her in.

Terri: So we're just going to log me out. One other thing. Do you guys notice this here? You can pick Spanish, so our patients can check-in in Spanish. Why don't you click Spanish Jeremy, so they can see that? Awesome. Okay, Jeremy, thanks so much.

Jeremy: No problem.