Kayla Whitworth, LCSW in Denton, TX

Meet Kayla

Kayla Whitworth is a licensed clinical social worker at the Denton Medical Center 4308 office. Kayla hopes to open up a dialogue with her patients at Health Services of North Texas about their mental health and self-care routines. She enjoys working one-on-one with individuals to help them learn new skills and strategies to live their best lives.


"Responsive, caring, professional."

J. S

Office Visit

"Kayla is wonderful"

M. J

Office Visit

"Went in for a counseling session with Kayla. As this could’ve gone one of two ways considering each persons personal tribulations. This was what I needed in helping me overcome whatever internal conflict I am having. Although this was my first session, it was nice to have an outlet for expressing my concerns and my feelings. I felt comforted in my experiences and what’s to come."



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