Denton, TX | Karishma Patel, PA | Health Services of North Texas

Karishma Patel, PA with Health Services of North Texas shares her WHY.


Speaker 1: I have Karishma Patel here today. She is our rock star provider. Karishma, tell me a little bit about the patient experience here. How do you help patients go from sick to healthy, and what does that feel like and look like?

Karishma Patel: The patient experience at Health Services is very much a team approach. And I say that kind of internally in the team that we have at Health Services, everywhere from checking in to the back office staff, to the providers, to case managers that we have that work with patients, to even partnerships that we have with different hospitals. One of the biggest accomplishments that we've had over the years is really honing in and helping them on our diabetic patients. It's one of the group of patients that I'm most proud of as far as accessing care, as far as getting them the help that they need.

Karishma Patel: We get a lot of patients that are first-time diabetics, have never known they're diabetics because they could never have access to care and never had access to laboratory test or preventative medicine. They are diagnosed sometimes for the first time within HSNT or at one of the hospitals who then refer them to HSNT. We help them out with diet plans. We do a diabetic education through the staff, through the providers. We have an extensive patient assistance program where we can set them up for some of their medications and their insulin for no cost to low cost, which really, really helps them be able to continue to take care of their diabetes and continue to succeed with their diabetic goals, which is very, very big in building healthier communities. Especially, it gives the patient a satisfaction of knowing that they can get better and they have the resources to get better.

Karishma Patel: I think health services does a huge part in kind of linking the patient to those resources, which otherwise they would not know exist out there. And so, most of the time I see myself as the connector for education. I see myself as a connector to the patient for other resources in the communities. Presb, some of the other hospitals kind of partner with us to help our diabetic patients. We have other resources that help them with diabetic shoes and stuff like that. So it's a huge partnership and it's a huge team. But I think those group of patients really, really have come a long way in these years that I've been here because we've all kind of worked together to really help make sure that they succeed and can live healthier lives through their patient-centered medical home.