Denton, TX | Filling Out Our Survey | Health Services of North Texas

Here's what filling out our survey and planning your next visit could look like.


Speaker 1: Hello, let me have your last name?

Ann Moore: Hi, Ann Moore.

Speaker 1: Okay. Would you be able to answer a survey about today's visit with us?

Ann Moore: Sure, of course.

Speaker 1: Thank you.

Speaker 1: Okay, thank you.

Ann Moore: Thank you.

Speaker 1: So your provider wants to see you in three months from now.

Ann Moore: Okay.

Speaker 1: Did you want to come in in the morning or in the afternoon?

Ann Moore: Morning's great.

Speaker 1: Okay. We have nine o'clock on November 3rd, which is a Thursday.

Ann Moore: That sounds perfect.

Speaker 1: Great. Here's your appointment reminder card, and we'll see you then.

Ann Moore: Thank you so much.