Denton, TX | Coming Home - An HSNT Patient Story | Health Services of North Texas

Racheal Stewart, a native of Grenada, has gone through many hardships since moving to Texas. Yet despite these difficulties, Racheal always feels at home whenever she visits HSNT.


Racheal Stewart: All right, my name is Racheal Stewart, and I am a proud mother of three. I started at this facility, actually when it was across the street. And I came, came initially because of low income. And, they were so gracious with allowing me a sliding scale that was affordable. And so, when my circumstance became better and I was able to get gainful employment and better insurance, I stayed. I stayed because of the quality of care. Being in a healthcare facility industry for 31 years, I won't consider myself a pro, but I have some experience. And I mean, above all, if your health is deteriorated, then it's health, I mean, everything else falls apart. Also, coming here, you have medical professionals that are thorough, they're educated, they're kind, they're empathetic, and they know what they're doing.

Racheal Stewart: So, you want to come to a place that you feel safe with your children. When the examination is done, when medication is prescribed for you and your family on a whole, that you leave knowing that this is it. And so this is the reason why I came. And I've also told people about this space, because of my personal experience. Dr. Siegel rocks, Joseph, Eddie, Edward Gilbert, he's amazing. Well, they both rock. Miriam, just the staff as a whole. Customer service has really grown, for which I'm grateful for.

Racheal Stewart: So coming here is like coming to my family, knowing that I am going to get the best care of myself or my children.